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How to repair the vibrating screen of mine equipment?

Publisher: haian county force casting co., LTD    INPUTTIME:2018-01-02 10:45:00

    Vibrating screen is a commonly used mine equipment, and it is easy to bad equipment. This article lists three major aspects of common faults and 28 inspections and treatment methods. And from the four major aspects of the screen daily maintenance methods, I hope to be useful to everyone.
1, screening effect is not good, should check and repair from the following 10 aspects
(1) Plugging or screen surface damage
(2) high raw coal moisture
(3) uneven screening and feeding
(4) The material on the screen is too thick
(5) The screen is not tight
(6) Stop the screen, clean the screen or replace the screen
(7) Adjustable tilt angle for shaker
(8) Adjust the amount of feed
(9) Reduce the amount of feed
(10) Tensioning screen
2. The rotation of the screen is not enough. The tape is too loose. The tension of the transmission belt bearing is hot. It should be checked and maintained from the following 8 aspects.
(1) bearing lack of oil
(2) Bearing contamination
(3) The bearing is overfilled or the quality of the oil does not meet the requirements
(4) bearing wear
(5) Oiling
(6) Wash the bearing, replace the sealing ring, check the sealing device
(7) Check the oil injection
(8) Replace bearing
3. The vibrating force of the sieving machine is weak. The weight on the flywheel is not installed correctly or lightly. Adjust the position of the weight on the flywheel or aggravate the counterweight. The screen box vibrates too much eccentricity to find the balance of the sieving machine. The screen spindle cannot be sealed. The shaft sleeve plugs the cleaned sealed bearing; when the screening machine operates, the sound is abnormal, etc., and inspection and maintenance shall be performed from the following 10 aspects:
(1) bearing wear
(2) The screen is not tightened
(3) Loose fixing bearing bolts
(4) Spring damage
(5) Gear wear and damage
(6) Replace bearing
(7) Tighten the screen
(8) Tighten the bolt
(9) Replacement spring
(10) Change gear
In order to prevent the vibrating screen from being damaged, the maintenance of the screening machine should be performed by full-time personnel. Weekly inspections, monthly inspections, and annual inspections should be conducted. This can extend the life of the screen!
Daily inspection
Check whether the exciter and all parts of the bolt are loose, check whether the screen surface is loose and damaged, and if the screen hole is too large, find that the problem should be dealt with promptly.
Monthly inspection
Inspect the screen frame member itself or the weld for cracks. If there is a crack, the surface should be cleaned. Drill hole Φ5mm at the end of the crack, shovel the groove and preheat and then make up the welding. It should be ensured that the penetration is thorough, and the weld be smoothed after welding, and then the reinforcement plate is added. In order to avoid stress concentration, it is not allowed to cut holes and weld attachments on the screen frame by itself.
Annual inspection
Deal with exciter cleaning and overhaul. Disassembly should pay attention to the bearing inner ring and the bearing body do the same mark, to prevent the assembly of the inner ring and the original bearing mistakes after cleaning, must be seated in order to maintain the original clearance of the bearing. If bearing pitting is found, replace the entire bearing. When replacing the bearing, first warm up the original bearing inner ring, remove it from the main shaft, and then heat the inner ring of the new bearing to 80°-100° after the oil is loaded into the main shaft. When reassembling, pay attention to the fact that the eccentric blocks on both sides of the exciter must maintain the same phase.
1> The exciter is lubricated with oil. The oil is changed after 40 hours of initial operation. The oil change period is 120 hours during normal operation.
2> The amount of oil injected can refer to the vibrator injection table. When removing the oil level checker (2-15), a small amount of oil can be dripped continuously. Lubricants use GB13895-1992 heavy-duty vehicle gear oil, lubricants GL-5.
3> Into the labyrinth between the vibrator sealing plate and the isolation ring, inject the GB7324-1994 general-purpose lithium-based grease, the grease number is No. 3, use a grease gun to align the oil cup when injecting grease, and grease every 15 days. . Each time point 50-100ml.
According to different types of exciter and bearing, according to the requirements of regular oiling, a large cleaning of the exciter bearing should be performed every year to ensure good lubrication.