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China's vibrating machinery industry economy and economic development trends

Publisher: haian county force casting co., LTD    INPUTTIME:2018-01-02 13:36:00

    In the days of the new year, the ladies and gentlemen of the Chinese vibrating machinery industry have seen some signs of slowing down in the economic trend of the world's machinery manufacturing industry. According to the statistics of the global vibrating machinery economic organization, the world is in the 20th century. The economy of the vibratory machinery manufacturing industry has grown by about 4%, which is better than in the 2030s. According to current technical indicators, we expect that the growth of the world's vibratory machinery manufacturing economy this year will be higher than last year and economic recovery has emerged. This is really gratifying, but we must also see that the world's vibrating machinery industry economy is still in a large stage of strategic adjustment, and the recovery is slowly accelerating. The development of a stable vibration machinery industry in China still faces many uncertain factors, and how to take effective measures Policies and measures to improve the economic development environment of China's vibrating machinery industry can accelerate the sustained and rapid economic growth of China's machinery manufacturing industry. This is an important practical issue for the world’s governments and leaders of the world’s industrial and commercial circles.
China's vibrating machinery industry manufacturers are most concerned about the economic development and future trends of China's vibration machinery industry. Our country’s gross domestic product grows at an average annual rate of 11%. Under the slow economic growth of the world, China’s domestic gross domestic product has grown by 9%. Since the last quarter of this year, China’s vibrating machinery industry has been affected by SARS. The adverse impact of the epidemic situation, however, China's domestic GDP still increased by 9%, China's vibratory machinery economic operation is still a good and healthy development, vibration machinery based on the above data to analyze China's vibration machinery industry can fully realize China's full-year Concentrating on writing the expected goals of the economic growth in the manufacturing industry. In recent years, China’s machinery manufacturing industry has responded to new changes in the domestic and foreign vibrating machinery economy. The Chinese government has adopted a series of policy measures for our vibrating machinery industry to enhance our vibratory machinery. With the new vitality of the economy, in order to promote the economic sustainable development strategy of China's vibratory machinery industry, China's vibratory machinery industry must unswervingly promote market-oriented reforms and strive to further promote the vibronic machinery market in China. Basic firmness, China's machinery The manufacturing industry must adhere to and improve the company's various constraints and all the basic economic development goals of common development. This will promote the cooperation between the economic system reform of China's vibrating machinery industry and the reform of the corporate culture system. It must adhere to the vibrating machinery in our country. Manufacturing industry provides a strong driving force for the development of the industry. China's vibratory machinery industry should adhere to the principle of expanding the strategic deployment of domestic demand, accelerate the implementation of a positive corporate financial system, stimulate the economic development of China's vibratory machinery industry, and vigorously implement the strategic policy of manufacturing machinery industry in China, and continuously develop the vibratory machinery industry in China. Develop strategy, revitalize our country's vibratory machinery industry strategy, adopt deep tactics, and guide our country's machinery manufacturing industry structure to optimize and upgrade. Enterprises should fully expand their external propaganda and participate in all aspects of the economic globalization of the vibrating machinery industry. China's machinery manufacturing economy has undergone major structural adjustments. Chinese enterprises have learned advanced foreign management experience and are familiar with the economic practices and rules of the world's vibration machinery industry, and have rapidly increased their ability to participate in the economic and technical cooperation in the world machinery industry.